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Our dream is to make your dreams come true, Bell Homes has worked in Whatcom, Skagit, and Island County making this happen.  From Commercial projects to Custom Homes, small scale and large, Bell Homes has the experience to make them happen.   Our customer-focused approach, commitment to integrity, and high-quality are our biggest competitive advantages. We have been a large part of the design and construction of many different architectural styles and sizes in many of the finest neighborhoods in the Greater Puget Sound area.

We Work for You

Each project starts with you, the customer. Your home should be aesthetically pleasing, energy efficient, and constructed using the finest materials—all while staying on time and on budget. We believe the building process is best traveled with the owner in the driver’s seat while we navigate with expert recommendations regarding design and materials to maximize current and future resale value of your home.

Trusted General Contractor

Utilizing the utmost integrity, our company and process is transparent and takes advantage of the latest project management techniques to manage your home through the entire building process. Wherever we can return equity back to you through our competitive bidding and/or construction process, we will.  You’ll find that by working with us, you’ll experience a significant savings over other builders. This is because we operate with the business knowledge and skills to be efficient and effective in the construction process. As a result, Bell Homes provides a superior finished product for less cost to you.

Quality Construction

Whether or not you have an architect and design team in mind, we accommodate you. Your dreams are possible, and with our connections with local architects we can help you achieve them. We are also enjoying working with your selected architect to deliver the best possible product.

Perhaps your guests will never see the most impressive aspect of a home created by Bell Homes, but they will immediately appreciate the quality of construction behind the walls and beneath the floors. Every home we build is designed to be quiet, energy efficient, and durable. Our knowledge and use of ICF construction will save you money, produce a quiet and energy efficient home, and improved air quality.

We understand choosing the right builder is a very important and, sometimes, stressful decision that should not be done in haste. We welcome the opportunity to get to know you, explore your ideas on your dream home, and to provide our assistance in the design and construction of your home.  

Our Team
Chris Bell, CEO
Tiffany Bell, Controller
Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our Social Media channels.

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